Dragon Fire: Book 2 of the Cael Stone


After learning the Queen of Galia wants to destroy her, and sent men—including her father’s killer—to Alyria to arrest her, Erynn and her friend, Adena, fled Caraden Castle and set out on a journey to find her birth parents and the Order of the Cael, a group she hopes can help her. Blamed soon after for murdering the King of Alyria, they now find themselves hunted by Alyrians and Galians.

In their race to escape, they also find themselves hampered by two things: there are only two bridges out of Alyria and both are heavily guarded—and they have learned of a Galian plot to kill the Crown Prince of Alyria and the only possible solution to warning him in time lies in the completely opposite direction.

Choosing to save the Crown Prince—and possibly achieve justice for her father—Erynn sets out west with Adena to try and locate an old friend, who she hopes has the falcon they need to send an important message. Along the way, she discovers more about who she is and why the Galian Queen wants to destroy her—as well as the destiny it seems she was born to face.


Published:  2013-09-27 (94930 words)

Print ISBN:  978-1492831143


“Loved it. Couldn’t put down…Can’t wait for the other instalments.” — Erin (Amazon Reviewer)

“A great example of epic fantasy storytelling. Rich in plot, intricate and detailed with characters you can easily relate to. This author is definitely going to be on my watch list from now on.” — Anonymous (Amazon Reviewer)

“Truly inspired story-crafting…the BEST story I’ve read so far this year.” — Tea (Amazon Reviewer)

“Can’t wait for the next book in the series.” — Dave (Amazon Reviewer)

“Cael Stone series rocks!” — Candydawg (Amazon Reviewer)

“I couldn’t stop reading it.” — Hannah (Amazon Reviewer)

“Excellent, in so many ways.” — Matt (Amazon Reviewer)

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