The Last Falcon: Book 1 of the Cael Stone



Is it possible for a single falcon to save a kingdom?

Erynn Taylor was fourteen the day she witnessed the random and brutal murder of her father. She should have died that day, too, alone on a forest road in a kingdom that was not her own, but a reclusive golden dragon swooped down upon the scene—scattering her attackers and sparing her life, but ultimately denying her justice.

Two years later, her father’s killer reappears—riding boldly into her kingdom for a visit with her king. But her elation at the nearness of justice turns to anger and then fear as she learns there is more to his visit than meets the eye—a conspiracy that threatens the entire kingdom and just might bring her the death she so narrowly avoided.

Fleeing the castle where she has lived ever since her father’s murder, and soon becoming the subject of a kingdom-wide manhunt, Erynn sets out to find the man who holds the key to her past only to discover that her escape will not be so easy. That reclusive golden dragon is back—and following her. There is a fast flowing river she needs to cross. And then there are those unresolved problems she left behind. 

She wants justice. She also wants to save her kingdom and her king. But does she want either badly enough to die?


Published: 2012-06-24 (79434 words)

Print ISBN:  978-1477570395


"well paced and engaging…Ruttan blends the medieval and supernatural effortlessly" — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"a refreshing spin on the tradition…a nail-biting cliff-hanger…a riveting, vividly described adventure story" — Kirkus Reviews

"moves quickly with clever and satisfying twists…ends with a promise of future adventure" — Clarion Reviews

"a well plotted, fast moving narrative…an entertaining tale" — IndieReader

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