Yes, I am still alive (and writing)

Book 3 Drafts

I just wanted to post an update in these strange pandemic times to let people know that I am still alive and that I am still working on Book 3. Other work (the kind which pays the bills) has kept me busy the last few years, and of course everything that has been going on the last few months has also been distracting. But I am still writing and determined to get the next leg of Erynn’s story into the world. I have lived much of the last six years without Internet at home (not even on my phone!), which is partly why I have not visited here in a while. I have (frustratingly) also had little to say other than I am still writing.

I posted the above photo back in August 2016. I have this strange need to keep all of my drafts (the ultimate backup, I suppose) and it’s where I was in terms of Book 3 drafts at the time. The photo below is what that same pile looks like today. Four years, almost. And oh so many trees!

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